A Simple Solution For A Complex Problem
We physicians make a diagnosis, prescribe a treatment, then the patient goes home with the prescription. Three things can go wrong. The wrong diagnosis and the wrong treatment...are usually not two of the three things. The most common reasons for poor patient outcomes are poor adherence, poor adherence and poor adherence. Our approach improves patients' use of medication and leads to better treatment outcomes. There's less need for medication changes, fewer frustrating office visits for follow up of treatment that isn't working and lower overall costs.


Causa Research is a company spun out of Wake Forest University School of Medicine in 2012. The company is based on exciting research by Dr. Steve Feldman on how to significantly improve patients’ adherence to treatment. A leading adherence researcher who has published over 500 peer reviewed studies, Dr. Feldman has shown that adherence in acne treatment can be more than doubled when patients are asked to self-report the status of their treatment using online surveys. Additional investigation suggests that this effect is relevant to many other types of therapies, providing an elegant, simple solution to the intractable problem of poor adherence.
The company has taken the online survey platform that was used in the research and commercialized the platform to be used by adherence stakeholders—including pharmaceutical companies, insurers, pharmacies, and health care providers— as a multi-platform service, encompassing web, smartphone and tablet functionality. The Causa Research service improves the use and effectiveness of treatments, benefiting patients, their health care providers, and the makers and providers of health care products and services.

Key Points

  • More than doubled adherence of teenagers with acne to their topical treatment.
  • Designed to incorporate multiple dimensions of behavioral psychology.
  • Leverages patients' tendencies to be much more adherent in clinical trials than they are in clinical practice.
  • Puts a human touch on the experience of taking medication.
  • Low cost, easy and ready to implement.

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